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Casi Livestock bv is a sistercompany to Xsires Crossbreeding bv established because of an increasing demand for Xbred cattle. Since progressive dairyfarmers are getting more familiar with the results of Xbreeding the use of Xbreeding on the traditional Holstein-cow is increasing quickly.
Because of the big clientbase of Xsires crossbreeding Casi Livestock bv has access to all those farmers and we are able to find the best quality for sale.
Besides Xbred animals Casi Livestock bv is also able to supply the good Holstein-heifers available.

Owner: Hans Kerkhof
Hans has a historie in the trading of livestock. After this job he has been a marketingmanager in a worldwide big breedingorganisation. Since end 2004 he is co-owner of Xsires crossbreeding bv, the only company in the Netherlands who is just specialized in Xbreeding.